The Mana was host to several sarpa-kaavus (small altars for serpants). Naaga-pujas were performed in these kaavus, but in due course, it was difficult to protect the kaavus. Thus, a Devi Naagayakshi temple was built in the Mana so that worship could continue. The idol of the goddess in the sanctum is unique for its exquisite carvings which have deep symbolic meanings. An elaborate puja, called 'sarpa-puja', is offered once a year to please Naagayakshi Devi and Naagaraaja Deva. Lavish columns of turmeric powder and rice powder are drawn in the temple, and the püjä is performed before these columns. The temple and its surroundings are decorated with coconut leaves and plantains in traditional Kerala style. Water and milk are offered to the serpent deities. The puja concludes late in the night with sarpa-bali, or sacrificial offerings.  
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