“Just sit down, fold your hands, close your eyes and be QUIET!” says the typical parent to the typical child when the time for worship comes. 

Is this really what worship is all about?  If yes, perhaps those who do not engage in such practices are better off.  If no, what is worship then…?

Whenever we come across the term worship we tend to think of rituals, idols, and an all around atmosphere we simply cannot relate to.  Yet, when the same term is qualified by the name of a sports team, an actress or a musician we attribute worship as a healthy experience.

Fascinating how an action directed to the divine generates negativity within us and the same action directed towards a worldly entity generates a positive sentiment. 

Understanding the limitations of the way we think, instead of using the term worship, let use role-modelling.  To have a role-model is to have a goal.  The goal is to be like one’s role model.  The more we think about our role-model the more we begin to think like our role-model.  Them more we think like our role-model the more we begin to act like our role-model.  And the more we act like our role-model the more we come to experience the glory of that esteemed personality. 

In Vedanta we call this ‘role-modelling’ as upasana.  This is the process whereby we offer ourselves more and more to the ideal represented by an idol thereby inculcating the associated divine qualities.  For example, when we offer worship to Lord Rama, what we are really doing is trying to raise ourselves to be an ideal parent, child, citizen, etc.

Through worship.chinfo.org we are all given the rare and blessed opportunity to offer worship to the various divine idols at Adi Shankara Nilayam.  By doing so we are inculcating the blessings of the divine for ourselves and all those around us.
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