Anna Daanam Mahat Daanam
"Offering bhiksha (food) to a brahmachari or swami (sannyasi) has been considered one of the foremost duties and privileges of a householder in the Hindu tradition. It has been considered equivalent to offering food for the entire universe. Just as material scientists who direct their enquiries and investigations to the world are supported by present-day society, in Vedic tradition, it is considered the duty of the householder to support renunciates who spend their life in pursuit of Truth for the benefit of society as a whole. From the householder’s point of view, it is a great blessing to offer bhiksha, for it brings them satsanga and helps purify and surcharge the mind, reminding them of one’s true goal of life."
Offer Bhiksha to the Sanyasins and Brahmacharins, vidvans and scholars at Adi Sankara Nilayam. Needless to say, such offerings of food to the noble blesses one’s family.
 Tax exemptions in INDIA : All contributions are exempted from Section
Breakfast 2000
Lunch 5000
Dinner 3000
Full Day 10000
 Tax exemptions in US: Write cheque to "Chinmaya Mission West" with
 "for CIF/Bhiksha" in the memoline and mail to CMW, 1765
 Channing Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303.
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